Developing a multi-faceted ‘Driver’s Choice’ brand to build customer loyalty and boost business growth.

A business challenge

The new management team at Sasco, the Saudi fuel and auto service retailer, came to Circle with a challenge. They asked us to carry out a comprehensive overhaul of their brand and create a new vision for their network of highway sites across Saudi Arabia.

The team realised that significant investment in the brand and infrastructure was necessary in order to rebuild customer loyalty and grow the business.  

Developing a new brand strategy

Circle developed a brand strategy for Sasco to redefine its multi-faceted brand as ‘The Driver's Choice'. Next, we created a new brand identity for the corporate and fuel brand. This includes a dramatic new retail identity that can be applied to new-build sites and retrofitted to existing sites in the network. We also developed and launched a distinct sub-brand, Palm, for the convenience store offer, which will take prominence on 'rest' sites that do not offer fuel for sale.

The new Sasco strategy will provide Saudi customers with large highway sites that offer fuel, convenience stores, motels, mosques and a range of vehicle services. Sasco are clear leaders in this sector of the market, and this new brand is destined to raise their customer service and retail experience to new levels.

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