Our long partnership has established market-leading brands and helped Emarat to position itself for the future.

Complete brand refresh

For the past couple of decades, Circle has worked closely with Emarat to develop its retail brand, which is now synonymous with excellent quality. We have also created a number of market-leading brands within the Emarat family which have strengthened its reputation as a  leading fuel retailer with a special focus on ‘non-fuel’ activities.

In order to maintain its leadership position and keep pace with a rapidly-changing market, Emarat commissioned Circle to undertake a complete retail brand refresh. The goal was to modernise its retail identity while taking advantage of new technologies and materials to reduce ongoing maintenance.

Set for the future

Building on the strength of Emarat’s brand assets, we updated all areas of the retail and corporate identity. We enlivened the colour palette, streamlined the falcon logo and breathed new life into the retail customer experience. We also simplified the site architecture and strengthened the night-time appearance by enhancing the canopy edge and under-canopy lighting.

The new-look Emarat sites are extremely successful thanks to a modernised brand which retains its original appeal. Combined with the new Freshplus convenience offer, Emarat is once again at the forefront of Emarati roadside retail brands.

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Other work