We offer a fresh perspective that gets to the heart of your organisation’s values and purpose

Thanks to our 360° approach, we consider every element of your business in order to deliver stand-out solutions


Brand creation

The cornerstone of our process is a brand or retail strategy that sets out your vision, core ideas, brand values and personality. This underpins all brand decisions. We help you develop a robust strategy by identifying what makes you different from your competitors and what is most important to your customers.

Brand identity

We create innovative, engaging identities that build recognition for your brand and project it to the outside world in a unique and memorable way.

Retail environments

Using our exclusive Brand Space™ methodology, we create stunning branded retail environments that stand out from the competition, attract visitors and build customer loyalty. We bring concepts to life for you through high-quality 3D visualisations, fly-thru animations, virtual reality and physical scale models.

Brand audits

We will undertake a comprehensive brand audit of your corporate and retail identity, communications and environments, and benchmark them against key competitors, to demonstrate your strengths and opportunities to change.

Brand management

To manage your brand successfully, you need clear brand guidelines for staff and suppliers. We create detailed guidelines, online or in print, covering everything from brand look and feel to retail site planning and detailed implementation. These ensure consistency and allow
you to roll out your brand smoothly.


Prototyping is often overlooked, but it is a vital stage of any branding programme. We work with you to prototype elements of your new concept to ensure that it meets your expectations and that contractors     are able to comply with the necessary standards.

Contractor liaison

We can help you select and liaise with contractors to ensure that your brand vision is rolled out successfully. We also provide added support for engineers during this process.

Concept evaluation

Once a concept has been built, we can carry out a complete review to ensure that all areas deliver and operate as expected. This offers an opportunity to make any improvements that might be required before the full roll-out programme.