Creating a unique shell-shaped canopy that is instantly recognisable in the Kuwaiti fuel landscape.

State-of-the-art retail

KNPC, the national oil company of Kuwait, undertakes exploration, refining and local marketing activities. In line with a complete overhaul of the business, including construction of a new refinery, it planned to create a state-of-the-art fuel retail network of 100 new stations to meet the demands of the expanding Kuwaiti population.

Our brief was to create a new benchmark for fuel retailing in the Gulf, integrating renewable energy sources and a new approach to the design of stations and supporting services.

Unique canopy design

We built a design concept that focused on a large shell-shaped canopy, offering customers and staff respite from the searing heat of the summer sun. The unique canopy form has become instantly recognisable as ‘the new KNPC’. Staff also enjoy air-conditioned cabins built into the pump islands. Meanwhile, a convenience retail hub anchors the canopy and offers customers a range of quality food and drinks in a family-friendly environment.

Drone footage: © KNPC with thanks to Eng. Mohammed Abdulrahim

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