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Our client wanted to create a fresh retail environment for their one-stop-shops housed on military bases around the globe. The Downtown brand is all about celebrating a buzzy, urban environment with strong appeal to international customers a long way from home. Previously stores were not zoned, badly merchandised and with very little on offer to encourage browsing. Now the store has an inviting exterior with a store layout housing clear zones including an in-store cafe, a distinct area for clothing and electronics and clear product promotions. A fresh approach to the store interior design combined with modern graphics and a distinctive communications style has revolutionised the store experience. The result is a modular, modern retail concept that attracts more customers, helps to increase the spend per head and makes the store stand out from its competitors.

Café Arabicca

Designing a distinctive new retail format for a leading coffee brand.

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Fast-tracking business into Saudi Arabia.

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Forecourt of the future

Rethinking the relationship between fuel and convenience retail.

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