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When the re-design of Mercedes-Benz’s dealership showrooms failed to live up to its promise, the company brought in Circle to identify how to increase footfall and improve the overall experience for customers.

The results of our customer research revealed that customers found the showrooms sterile and intimidating. Our response was to devise new layouts for the dealerships to make the sales process feel less pushy and more relaxing. Cars were grouped according to customer needs, and we designed a bespoke POS system to support each key point of the sales process. Lecterns provided a base level of information next to each car, while targeted displays helped the sales team promote the customisation of vehicles. We also used inspiring brand stories to make the retail environment come alive.

Circle and Mercedes-Benz’s marketing agency co-ordinated the production and installation of POS hardware and graphics across 160 retail sites. After the implementation, research showed that one fifth of customers found the environment less threatening and lingered longer in the showroom.